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What You Need to Know About Managing Pain with CBD

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Managing pain is one of the most popular reasons for using CBD products. A recent study provides some new insights and information. Researchers at Syracuse University gave CBD oil or a placebo to a small group of young adults. They said the results were complex and exciting. While they found the positive psychological effects they expected, they were also pleasantly surprised by the pharmacological and physical results too. That’s important because how you experience pain involves both your physical and emotional responses. These findings suggest that CBC has some potential for providing both kinds of relief. This may be welcome news if you’re interested in alternatives to drugs or surgery. Find out more about CBD and other natural methods for relieving pain. Using CBD to Manage Pain: 1. Understand the effects. CBD may help reduce pain in a variety of ways. It has antioxidant properties that decrease inflammation and analgesic effects that reduce pain sensations. It also has calming effects that can make discomfort more tolerable. 2. Set your goals. Certain forms of CBD may be more effective depending on your symptoms. For example, topicals like creams and oils can be used for localized arthritis pain. On the other hand, oral products may be preferable for systemic autoimmune conditions. 3. Protect your lungs. Keep in mind that vaping and smoking can be harmful to your lungs. Keep these issues in mind when deciding which types of CBD products you may want to try. 4. Start small. Your doctor can help you calculate the appropriate dosage for you. In general, it’s preferable to start with a small amount and gradually work your way up if necessary. 5. Change your lifestyle. You can make CBD products more effective by combining them with other healthy habits. Eat a nutritious diet, exercise regularly, and sleep well. Physical therapy can work wonders too. 6. Check state laws. CBD products are legal at the federal level, but state laws vary. Ensure that you’re in compliance, especially if you’re traveling. 7. Stay updated. Ask your doctor any questions you have about using CBD products. The staff at CBD stores and medical marijuana dispensaries may also be helpful. Click here for our full line of tested CBD products that I use and trust. Other Natural Methods for Managing Pain: 1. Try acupuncture. Multiple studies have shown that acupuncture may be helpful for a number of chronic pain conditions, as well as overall wellness. You may be more sensitive in some parts of your body, but the needles rarely hurt because they are so thin. 2. Take time daily to practice beneficial thought patterns. Retraining your brain can make pain less unpleasant. You can teach yourself to retrain your brain with a book or an app or take a class at your local hospital or community center. 3. Stretch and move around. The mental and physical health benefits of exercise can make it easier to cope with many conditions, including arthritis and low back pain. Save any medical questions for your doctor but ask your teacher about how to modify exercises to make them more comfortable for you. 4. Use natural ingredients. Ginger, turmeric, and essential oils are a few of the natural products that are often used for pain relief. For more information on the benefits of CBD and other natural remedies for pain relief click here.

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